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Terms And Conditions

CroCarHire has partnered with Cartrawler to provide trusted and excellent rental car bookings to customers across the world. Thus, a customer reserving a car with CroCarHire must abide by & accept the Terms & Condition of Supplycars

The Terms and Conditions given here, along with Terms and Conditions of Use of our web site and privacy policy comprise of our contract with you, as the renter, with Supplycars as the broker, for the deals and services we provide in organizing for your car rental. These Terms and Conditions apply to all deals for the provision of our facilities and services, to the elimination of other Terms and Conditions. No manner or conduct of and by Supplycars shall be considered to represent approval and acceptance of any other terms. Acceptance of these services, facilities, or signature on any contract shall be considered as conclusive conformation of your acceptance of these Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions might be changed from time to time by Supplycars and the renter, you, must check our site to keep a check on any modifications or changes to the terms and conditions applying on you. Any type of car hire service used by you is subjected to the terms and conditions of car hire service enforced by the supplier or car hire supplier, along with laws of the corresponding country or state at which the car hire takes place in.

Our suppliers, with us as brokers, will provide car to you, the renter. Any booking made by you through this website is liable to these Terms and Conditions and your acceptance to the terms and conditions of the supplier, of which car hire service is booked by you through this website, so make sure you are aware of all the contents regarding the same.

Any booking made on this website by you, renter, depends upon your provision of accepting Terms offered by us. In case you do not approve any part of our Terms, you must not continue with your booking with us. By making any booking with this website, you indicate or confirm that you have gone through the relevant Terms and accept them. For any Term that you do not understand or wish to enquire about, contact us or the Supplier which their phone number is listed on your voucher.

We, the broker, will notify you, the renter, about the availability of the requested vehicle by emailing a booking confirmation voucher if your offer has been accepted. In situation, where the car type or car model booked by you is not available with our supplier/suppliers, we will be informing you with possible alternatives which if acceptable by you, the renter, shall be incorporated in your current booking by modifying it and will be resend to the supplier for consideration. If not accepted, we hold the right to cancel the booking and refund your deposit, if any, with us.

This implies that even though we cannot confirm you regarding the availability of your requested vehicle, we will use our reasonable endeavors to find it for you and will inform you of the outcome within 48 hours of your request.

Please note that you, the renter, will not have any contract for car rental at the price offered until your booking has been confirmed and the necessary payment has been received. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please note that any contract entered into will be with the individual actually booking the vehicle and all correspondence will be sent to that address given, even where a third party actually pays for the hire.

You must present your voucher to the car hire supplier when you pick up your rental vehicle. CroCarHire and Supplycars will not be held accountable under any circumstances for any rejected rental service, in case of your failure to provide the supplier with your car rental confirmation voucher, at the time of pickup.

CroCarHire and Supplycars does not accept any responsibility for any charges incurred due to documents signed for and accepted at local level. For any damage caused to the rental vehicle by any person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, off-road driving or driving carelessly, CroCarHire and Supplycars should not be held responsible. You, as the car renter, will take full liability in respect of such claims or situations.

Collision Damage Waiver
Collision Damage Waiver or CDW reduces your legal responsibility from the total damage cost, to a surplus amount applicable except if the damage caused by you is intentional and under the influence of drugs/alcohol; or if you use the car in a negligent way, such as renting it to other parties or driving off main roads. Collision Damage Waiver also covers charge for damage to the rented vehicle or its accessories. In some destinations windscreens, under carriage, replacement keys, tyres, towing charges and replacement locks are not covered by the insurance policy. We recommend that you check with your car rental supplier for other such exclusions applied at your booking service, during the vehicle collection.

Theft Waiver
Theft Waiver or TW reduces your legal responsibility in the event of thievery or damages caused due to attempted theft or theft of the vehicle. Any sort of negligence associated with the theft of the rented vehicle could lead to the car hire supplier wanting the complete amount or cost of the rented vehicle. Before you book a car, please check about Theft waiver service in the terms and conditions of your car rental supplier, to know whether it’s inclusive of all charges or might require extra payment.

Delivery & Collection Charges
Delivery and collection charges will be applied by the car rental supplier out of normal office hours, even when late collection vehicle is a result of a flight delay. In the majority of locations, the car rental supplier will provide delivery and collection to and from accommodation, though a charge might apply in such case. Complete address details along with a vehicle delivery time must be provided during the time of rental booking. Please make a note that vehicle deliveries are not provided for private accommodation.

Out of Hour Charges
At most of the locations, vehicles are supplied even out of the normal work hours in order to meet the flight timings. But, in such cases you might be charged additional which must be paid to the car rental supplier. Please read the supplier terms and conditions to check if any such charge is applicable, while you verify your rental pick up time in your vehicle booking. In situations, where a flight gets delayed causing the vehicle pick-up service to go beyond normal working hours, extra charges are payable locally at locations, where ‘out of hours’ service is accessible. Crocarhire/Supplycars does not accept any further liability where there is no ‘out of hours’ service available.

Please keep a check on the insurance details provided by your car hire supplier. Third party cover might exclude, in some cases, blood relatives and immediate family members or residents of the same home address traveling along with you in the rented vehicle. You can directly purchase your top up policy from the car hire supplier or in some cases these might be already added in your holiday insurance. CroCarHire / Supplycars suggests that you get familiar with the insurance cover provided by the rental service and if possible, acquire extra cover in respect of your close family members like spouse and children.

Personal Accident Insurance
This is an optional insurance, which might be included in your holiday insurance. Please check the terms for these with the supplier, before you book your car. You can always purchase your Personal Accident Insurance or PAI on collection of your rental car.

Local Deposits & Petrol
Usually, a car rental supplier asks for deposit before you rent your car. This is to cover liability excess, petrol and other charges incurred during the rental. In most of the cases, a car rental supplier asks for a valid credit card on the name of the person who will be driving the rented vehicle. This deposit is refundable provided the car and its accessories are returned in the original condition and in accordance with fuel policy. There are some car rental suppliers that have fuel policy where you are suppose to buy your first tank and must return the rented vehicle empty tank, also in such policies there are no refunds for the fuel not used. Please check for these policies with the rental supplier, before you book a car. The supplier may block a security amount at the rental desk which will be released as soon as the car is returned back at the drop-off location in same condition as per your rental agreement. Make sure that your credit card has sufficient funds available to cover the excess amount during pickup. Failing to produce a valid credit card or credit card with insufficient funds, the supplier may refuse to provide you with rental vehicle. CroCarHire / Supplycars will not be held responsible for any such incidence and will not process any refund.

Minimum/Maximum Age Limitations
Generally, the minimum age limitation for car hiring is 21 years. Extra charges might apply with some suppliers & in some countries for drivers with less than 25 years and beyond 65 years of age. For any extra charges in case of deviation in age limit or a change in car rental age policy, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the car rental supplier. For any query regarding age requirements while renting a car, please get in touch with our team as well.

Additional Drivers
For charges applying on additional drivers, you must check with policies as well as terms and conditions of the respective car rental/hire supplier.

Period of Hire/Daily Rate Calculation
A rental period is usually calculated and charged on the basis of a 24 hour time cycle. Once you have collected your vehicle, the rental period extension and late returns are charged at local tariff, by the supplier. You may refer to the supplier for further details on the charges for the same.

Early Return/Rental Extension
Time of your car rental starts and ends in accordance to pick-up and drop-off information on your rental voucher. The charges are calculated in accordance to 24-hour units and will be confirmed to you during the time of booking. If you want to extend your rental time after collecting your car or if in a case where you return your car later than the time/date declared on your rental voucher, then the deal for any such extension should always be done with the car rental supplier and the same will be charged by the car rental supplier at the local charges, which are usually higher than the standard rates. Unfortunately, CroCarHire / Supplycars is not liable for making any refunds for cars returned before time.

One Ways
One-way rentals may be subject to certain drop-off charges, to be paid to your car rental supplier. You will be advised on the approximate costs once we collect booking request & confirm with your car rental supplier. One way charges may vary from supplier to supplier and are also subject to change in case of different drop off location which is other than the rental location or in a different country. All the details pertaining to the drop off charges shall be mentioned in your car rental confirmation voucher. In case you’d need more information, you may contact the supplier directly.

Child Seats and Special Requests
Child seats, roof racks and extra items are provided on making a request in the majority of destinations, but there is no such guarantee of availability. In majority of US states, child seats are obligatory. Usually, there is a cost payable to the car rental supplier. Make a note that rear seat belts might not provided in all vehicles. For any such request, you must check with the car rental supplier at the time of rental.

Driving Areas
If you intend to drive from one country/state to another, you must inform us at the time of booking, since crossing country or state has its own conditions and restrictions, which may vary from supplier to supplier. Local charges might apply and extra documents might be required for travel to certain countries. For any such restrictions, please go through the supplier’s terms and conditions under the ‘Rate Details’ link provided at Crocarhire/Supplycars or contact us.

Extras might be excluding the tax amount.

If You Wish to Make Changes to Your Booking
Terms and Conditions for rental booking vary from supplier to supplier. You are advised to refer to all such Terms and Conditions prior to booking the car. In order to cancel or make changes in your booking please do so via our Manage booking page, The car rental supplier can accept or deny the modifications to your booking. In event of denial to the changes by the supplier, CroCarHire / CarTrawler will not responsible for the same, as the decision is solely based on supplier’s discretion and is subject to availability of the vehicle with the supplier.

If We Make Changes to Your Booking
Sometimes your car rental supplier or we can make changes to your rental booking, in such cases; we will advise or inform you as soon as possible. If any such changes are not acceptable by you, you will be refunded the deposit amount made at CroCarHire / Supplycars . However, in any such situation, we hold no extra liability in terms of any direct or indirect loss suffered by you as a consequence of such changes. CroCarHire / Supplycars reserves the right to terminate the contract at any point of time by duly informing the customer along with the reason which can be, but not limited to, technical / system error or due to any unforeseen circumstances. In an event, where the rental contract has already been initiated with the supplier, the renter has to return the car at the nearest possible location. Failing to return the car CroCarHire / Supplycars holds no financial responsibility whatsoever towards the customer. If the car has been returned to the rental station, only charge that the customer will incur shall be for the number of days the rental has been used.

While making a booking, you should provide us with all the necessary details such as flight number, local address and phone number, as well as the arrival time at the time of booking. Once the booking is accepted, you will receive your rental voucher within 48 hours of your booking request. There might be a situation, where some of the requested vehicles might take time to become available and in such cases, you will be informed by us or the supplier directly. At the time of car rental pick up, you will be required to provide your car rental confirmation voucher, valid driving license/international driving permit, credit card in renter’s name and in some cases a passport might be required. For more information, please contact your respective supplier. For any car hire service charged locally or any rental rejected, because of your inability to present the rental voucher during car collection, CroCarHire / Supplycars must not be held responsible.

Driving License & Age Requirements
Driving license & Age Requirements varies from country to country. Please refer further to the “Rate Details” link, given against each and every listing of cars at the time of searching your car rental, right before the booking the page. In usual cases, you must provide a valid driving license. You must also produce an international driving license/permit at the time of rental, to the supplier, if required. Please make a note that an International Driving License or Permit cannot substitute the requirement of a standard driving license. Even if you have an international license or permit, you are required to provide a full driving license in your name in order to hire a car. We must be warned of any endorsements during the time of booking and CroCarHire / Supplycars holds right to decline the booking based on it in accordance to its supplier’s Terms and Conditions. We advise that you, if driving the vehicle, must have your driving license permanently for inspection by local authorities. Our local suppliers can refuse any refunds for rentals in a case of non-production of a valid driving license.

Car Capacity and Vehicle Type
All the rented cars are insured for a specific (maximum) number of passengers. Although CroCarHire / Supplycars ensures that the seating capacity of the vehicle is as accurate as possible, however, since, the vehicle data is sent by the supplier to CroCarHire / Supplycars , any change in the vehicle specifications (including car capacity and vehicle type) at the time of rental should be dealt with the supplier only. CroCarHire / Supplycars does not accept any responsibility for the rental car being inapt for all passengers and their luggage. For a guide refer to our website for approximate number of passenger of car groups on hand. For any rental service denied during vehicle collection or else due to the party size not being suitable for the vehicle, you must not hold CroCarHire / Supplycars responsible. We do not guarantee any vehicle model or its make. Any vehicle shown on the rental voucher given to you is for guidance and can be substituted for different model or upgraded model of the vehicle could be made available by the supplier. Any refusal to such changes should be dealt directly with the supplier and not with CroCarHire / Supplycars .

Provision of Cars
Car rental/hire companies/suppliers have all the rights to deny a vehicle to a person unfit to drive or ineligible to meet the requirements. We, CroCarHire / Supplycars , should not to be held responsible for completion of travel arrangements, compensation, cost or any refund in such cases.

Although, CroCarHire / Supplycars is affiliated with only the best and most reputed car rental and car hire suppliers in the market, ensuring that quality cars are provided to you by car rental suppliers. But in case where you are not satisfied or have any complaints regarding the quality of vehicle collected by you, make sure you report this to your car rental supplier. It is hard for CroCarHire / Supplycars to assess any such claim concerning the quality of the rental vehicle, if no action is taken during the car rental. We advise you to contact us on time regarding your dissatisfaction.

Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents
In a situation of mechanical difficulties or vehicle breakdown, you must call your car rental supplier right away. If you get involved in any accident, you must contact your rental supplier and the local police immediately. It is advised that you do keep all the significant documentation, you might be asked for it. The documentation will be required when you wish to claim for insurance. Your car rental is subjected to all the terms and conditions of car rental as imposed by your car rental supplier, our terms and conditions as well as to the corresponding laws of the country/state where the rental takes place. CroCarHire / Supplycars does not accepts responsibility for and should not be held liable for any damage, delays, loss, changes or alterations arising from industrial dispute counting air traffic control disagreements, civil strife, unavoidable technical problems with transport, terrorist activity, fire or adverse weather conditions, closure or congestion of airports or ports, natural and nuclear disaster, financial failure of airlines or cancellation of scheduled airlines

Contract Terms with CroCarHire / Supplycars 
If you choose to rent with CroCarHire / Supplycars , it is important that you comprehend how and when a deal is formed. Following are the technical steps that form a contract: By quoting prices over phones or placing our services on our site, we are asking you to make a purchasing offer. You make either an offer to purchase verbally or by clicking on ‘Book Now’. CroCarHire / Supplycars accepts this offer upon receiving desired payment from you, the renter. Crocarhire/Supplycars only serves as a broker and a facilitator to make arrangements for your car rental booking with its respective supplier base. The total rental amount includes supplier’s rental amount, Crocarhire/Supplycars service charge and taxes. CroCarHire / Supplycars shall not be liable itself or vicariously through the car hire suppliers for either a failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations under or pursuant to this booking, voucher, reservation, rental or terms and conditions, if and in so far as performance is delayed, hindered or prevented by force majeure, which expression shall mean any event beyond the reasonable control of the party in question. In the event that the force majeure persists for more than 14 consecutive days, CroCarHire / Supplycars may terminate and withdraw this booking, reservation or rental by sending a notice to your, the renter’s, original mailing address and refunding all amounts paid prior to the force majeure event.


If your driver’s licence is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. if it is in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you need to bring an International Driving Permit and your domestic licence.

Please note, when renting a car in China, only a Chinese driver’s licence is accepted.

Booking Cancellation Policy
1. 100 % Refund of pre-payment will be made to the customer, where the booking has been canceled 48 hours before the pick up. 2. In cases, where booking has been canceled when less than 24 hours are left for pick up, (please see conditions on your voucher, as each supplier will have a different cancellation policy.


The vehicle displayed and models listed are the most common vehicles used by our car rental partners. We cannot guarantee the make or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.


No Show Policy
No refund will be issued in a case of No Show.