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Cross Border Travel with a Rental Car in Croatia

The Question We get asked a lot, ” Can I take the rental car to another country outside Croatia”?

Simple and Short answer to that is YES you can.

Hence we have also created a page on our website ” Cross Border Travel

Most of the suppliers on allow cross border travel providing you notify the staff on pick up of the rental car.

Suppliers also charge a fee for cross border travel this is mainly to cover extra insurance cost associated with taking the car into a different country compared to where it’s registered and insured at.

The amount the suppliers charge ranges from anywhere from 40Euro per rental duration to 100Euro+ Per rental duration. Some suppliers also charge per day.

Please make sure that you check the ” Rental Terms ” before you book the car to see the latest cost for cross border travel for the provider you have chosen.

Also if you have not driven in Croatia before we would advise that you check out our page ” Driving in Croatia“.

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